A Not-So-Surprising Shift in the Massachusetts Brewing Industry

Night Shift Brewing, one of the more successful and entrepreneurial breweries in Massachusetts,  is set to launch their own beer distribution company. Based in in Everett, Night Shift has built their brand from the ground up. They developed an allegiance of customer support that travels near and far to their taproom in order to enjoy their wildly popular beers. In 2014 they moved into a 30,000 square foot facility in Everett with a large taproom. Their beers became so popular that they recently opened an expanded taproom area to accommodate the nightly influx of eager patrons. During this time, the brewery has always self-distributed its own product. Weary of the long-term relationship that is created once entering into a distribution arrangement with a wholesaler, they opted for full control with potentially less reach while building their brand. 


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